Doggy Rucksack Dog Carrier Bag

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Our premium Doggy Rucksack has been specially designed with high-quality breathable material so your pup can explore every adventure with you in comfort and style!

93% of customers reported that our Doggy Rucksack is extremely useful for everyday use, and has allowed their pups to travel with them more. More time for bonding with each other! Whilst 35% followed up with a message expressing how the Doggy Rucksack improved their day trips as they didn't have to leave their dogs behind.

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'After I started using the dog carrying backpack for my Poppy, she became more cheerful and doesn't whine as much as I don't have to leave her alone at home.'


Karen, London



Our Doggy Rucksack is designed with a thick rest bottom pad and an adjustable cavity size so your pup can fit perfectly. The Doggy Rucksack includes 3 pockets (1 front pocket and 2 side pockets) so you can store all your dog essentials when going on your adventures. For extra safety, there is a safety hook to attach to your pup's collar preventing them from jumping out. And for your personal comfort, the Doggy Rucksack has been designed with 2 thick shoulder straps and a hip belt, that help to minimize any jerky movements.


Small: 34cm (H) x 30cm (W) (<9lbs / <4kg)

Medium: 45cm (H) x 36cm (W) (<23lbs / <10kg)

Large: 55cm (H) x 41cm (W) (<33lbs / <15kg)

Material: Nylon

Colors: Pink, Orange, Blue, Green & Black

 Benefits of Using our Doggy Rucksack

  • More time to spend with your pup means more time for bonding!
  • You don't have to worry about turning back when your pup gets tired when you have a Doggy Rucksack!
  • Our dog can explore parts of the World like never before!

 Size Guide

DON'T EVER HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR DOG AT HOME AGAIN - We know how hard it is to leave your pup behind and having to face those sad puppy dog eyes. Our Doggy Rucksack is designed so you can take your pup with you: cycling, hiking, shopping, etc. The possibilities are endless!

SAFE, COMFORTABLE, EASY & FUN - Our Doggy Rucksack is made from high-quality, breathable, mesh material to keep your dog cool in any weather so you'll never have to worry about them overheating! See our features section for all the details that have your pup in mind.

CONVENIENT FOR EVERYDAY USE AND TRAVEL - Unique peep-hole window design allows your dog to keep their head extended, ventilate, and visible to have more communication and interaction with you. 

TAKE YOUR DOGS THE EXTRA DISTANCE - Does your dog suffer from anxiety, depression, or a physical disability? Or maybe just older or don’t have the stamina for your next big adventure. Problem solved with our Doggy more FOMO for your doggo. 



LET YOUR PUP EXPLORE IN STYLE - A stylish solution to carrying your little pooch around without needing to worry about their safety.

KEEP IT ALL IN ONE PLACE - 3 additional pockets that are perfect to keep your dog's water, poop bags, treats, toys, etc. Never forget anything on an adventure again!

Customer Reviews

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Awesome product I really really love this my fur would nap and hide from the sun whenever she want while we shop around or hiking . I didn’t have a hard time eating in the outdoor restaurant with her with this item. One tip though I found out my fur baby love to have her cold cold bottle water inside with her keep her cool in this hot weather . Highly recommend this product . I did not get any discount in this item or anything I just want to share my experience with my purchased.


My pup loves it! Sturdy and not tight around the neck. I got a LG, she’ll eventually be about 9-10 lbs but for now I just place a towel at the bottom to boost her up until she fully reaches the top.Super sturdy and comfortable, felt like I was biking with nothing on my back. Highly recommended !


Our baby loves it. Perfect size for our 5 lb baby comfortable and can adjust easily.


It was perfect for our puppy. We went hiking and she was just admiring the view close to daddys back. Very light weight, spacious and comfy.


I love it , it’s so easy to carry my little baby 9 pound Yorki/chihuahua I Baugh a large a little big but it’s ok cause I can fit a small blanket

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